When preparing to live and work in the United States on a TN non-immigrant NAFTA professional visa, you might wonder whether your spouse or children can accompany you.

Your TN visa may qualify your dependent family members for TD non-immigrant status, which allows them to stay with you in the country under certain circumstances. Understanding the eligibility requirements and restrictions that may apply to your dependents can help minimize stress during the immigration process.


For your dependent children to qualify for entry under your TN visa, they must be under the age of 21. Adult children who do not meet this requirement may need to apply separately for an entry visa.

Marital status

Another requirement that could affect your children’s eligibility is their marital status. If you have a married dependent child, regardless of age, they might not qualify for TD non-immigrant status under your TN visa.


During your stay in the United States, your family members cannot legally work while under TD non-immigrant status, although they can participate in study programs. A change in visa status is usually necessary for your dependents to obtain legal employment within the country.

Length of stay

A TN visa allows you to live and work in the United States for renewable three-year periods. Family members accompanying you can only legally remain in the country during your visa’s validity.

While you can usually bring your family when traveling to the United States on a non-immigrant TN visa, some restrictions might apply. Know what to expect when preparing to live and work in the United States.