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If you are from Mexico or Canada and want to work in the United States, a TN (Trade NAFTA) status might be your saving grace. This classification may allow you to attend to your professional endeavors in the US when you need to.

Getting a TN status is a fast and easy process most of the time, but there are some factors you should know about beforehand.


There is some documentation you will need when you apply for a TN status. You will have to show proof that you are a citizen of Canada or Mexico, that you are starting a job with an employer in the US and that you have the qualifications to do this job. Social work, engineering, law, dentistry and teaching are a few examples of NAFTA professions.


In most cases, if you are a Canadian citizen, you will not have to attain a TN visa before you enter the US. You will just need to show your documentation at the port of entry. If you are a Mexican citizen, you will need to attain a TN visa through a Mexican consulate or a US embassy before you travel. Your TN status will last up to three years and if you need a renewal, you can follow the same admission steps again.

You do not want to miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because the job is in another country. A TN status can help you get your foot in the door and bring your career to the next level.