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A mistake or oversight about your green card renewal could result in expiration. However, the fact that an employment or family-based green card has expired does not necessarily mean that you cannot renew it.

After a green card lapse, it is imperative to take action promptly. Here are a few important things you should know about the process of renewing a green card when its effective dates have lapsed.

What form do you need to complete?

You will need an I-90 form to renew a green card that is expired or still valid. Applicants for renewal must fill out the form completely and correctly. Failure to fill out the form accurately is a common reason that an examiner may reject an application for renewal.

Does a card expire while an application is pending?

If a card’s expiration date passes while a renewal is pending, it still expires. However, you will continue to be a lawful resident while the status is pending and USCIS will still continue processing the application.

What happens if your card expires while you are out of the country?

A green card that expires while you are out of the country may still be renewable. However, you should be aware that USCIS may deny an application when someone spends more than 12 months out of the country.

Some green cards last as long as ten years while others are as short as two years. Keep track of your card’s effective duration so that you can begin the process of filing for renewal in a timely manner.