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Applying for a visa is a big step in your attempts to forge ahead with your new life in America. Unfortunately, the process does not always go smoothly, and it may not have the result you hoped for.

What happens if you end up facing a denial of your visa application instead of the granting of a visa? Fortunately, this is not the end of your options.

Reasons for a denial

The U.S. Department of State discusses what to do in the event of a visa denial. First, understand why a consular officer denied your application. These officers may determine an application ineligible for many different reasons, including lacking some of the necessary documentation, any convictions of crimes of moral turpitude on your record, or conviction of a drug violation.

What actions can you take?

You can reapply for a visa if your current application ended up denied. However, you must submit the application from scratch, along with paying the fee for the application again. If an officer found your application ineligible under section 214(b) of the INA, then you must show evidence that your circumstances have changed significantly since the time of your last application.

Note that you cannot have a friend or relative check about the status of your application for you either. With some exceptions, officers can only provide this information to the applicant himself or herself.

Going through this process again can feel harrowing and overwhelming. It may help to have the guidance of legal help as you go through. This can ensure you file everything properly, include all necessary documents, and have what you need for an officer to grant your visa.