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Congress is currently grappling with ways to get immigration reform passed. While there are many other issues at the forefront, some members want to push forward with new immigration laws that would help countless people currently living in the country who lack proper documentation.

The Hill reports members have a new plan of action to try to change laws to allow for citizenship for some immigrants who have been in the country for a long time but who have yet to receive proper documentation.

The plan

The plan, which is not the original one the group wanted to put forward, includes a statute of limitations type rule. If immigrants have been in the country for a certain amount of time, they would receive the right to request citizenship and go through the process without facing deportation or other sanctions.

The details

As it stands, the plan would allow those who came into the country undocumented before 1972 to have the right to now become citizens. There are some expected changes. One is a suggestion to change the date to 2010. Of course, such a change would substantially increase the number of people eligible for citizenship, which may cause issues with passing the bill through Congress.

Immigration issues are a hot-button topic in the U.S. Among members of Congress, it may not be the most important thing right now, so changes may be slow to come. If this new bill could pass, it would be an amazing blessing to undocumented individuals who could finally secure their home in the country and no longer suffer under the worry of removal by immigration officials.